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Schnauzer Fun!

Miniature Schnauzers excel in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, earthdog, and pet assisted therapy.

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Grooming Angels at Work

Hard at work

This picture tells it all.  From the left, Nancy Lincoln, Marilyn Bock, Teresa Handlen and Chris Burgess.  As you can see, they are not wasting any time!!  This is what good friends are all about.  See below.

 A note from Clay:

Organizations, I have been a member of many, but none like the Gateway Miniature Schnauzer Club. On Labor Day in Blue Springs, MO, Nancy and Major were walking from the crating area to the agility ring when she tripped on loose floor covering and broke her hip.

Seven weeks later three grooming angels came to our house, one all the way from Pekin IL, to convert our three shaggy minis into ring ready pooches. Teresa Handlen arranged to have Chris Burgess and Marilyn Bock plus grooming equipment arrive at eight o'clock to start the marathon session. Teresa drove in Friday afternoon and we had the pleasure of spending quality time with a good friend and a premiere miniature schnauzer groomer.

I wish there was a word more powerful than Thanks.  Rocky may know what that word is but he is fast asleep in his bed next to my desk.  What a great group of Schnauzer Loving folks.

A note from Nancy:

There is nothing anyone could have volunteered to do for us that would mean more or be of more help than to groom the dogs!  You don't think about the logistics of doing this until you can't.  Clay is so right to call them grooming angels. There are no words to thank them enough for taking their time to do this for us.  We will never forget their thoughtfulness.


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