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Performance Training and your Miniature Schnauzer

A trained dog is a happy dog....with a happy owner!

Obedience training promotes responsible dog ownership and creates a loving bond between canine and owner. Miniature Schnauzers enjoy the companionship that comes with training and do well in the various events available for competition. Even if you never show your dog, the training creates a pet that is a joy to live with and is more socially acceptable.

American Kennel Club events available for competition and titles include Obedience, Rally, Earth Dog, Tracking and Agility. These events are fun for you as well as great fun for your dog. By taking obedience classes, you and your dog can gain the skills for showing in AKC obedience trials. Your dog could also be entered in Rally competitions which were designed to be a bridge to the more formal obedience exercises.   Agility events involve dogs running a set of obstacles such as an A-frames, teetertotters, high dog walks, tunnels and jumps, etc. This is done with the dog off lead but under the handlers control and direction.  A trained Miniature Schnauzer can also be a wonderfull nursing home or hospital therapy dog.

What does a dog need to do to compete at an obedience trial, a rally trial or an agility event? If you would like answers to these questions, or any others about obedience, rally and agility, or you wish to know where to find available classes, contact the following GMSC members: Clay Lincoln  lincolnbow@aol.com  (636-947-7522) or Marilyn Oxandale oxandale@aol.com  (314-966-0930).


 OTCH, MACH3 Southcross Rocky Road UDX3, RE      Rocky jumping through the Agility Tire.

Clay Lincoln's Rocky is the first Miniature Schnauzer in the history of the breed to earn both the AKC Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) and the Master Agility Championship (MACH)

Bill Oxandale's Pepper was the first Miniature Schnauzer to earn the AKC Obedience Trial Champoinship (OTCH).  Bill and I are both members of the North Saint Louis County Obedience Training Club

See Rockys MACH 3 run










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